Fantasia was supposed to be more than just a movie that people went and saw. It was an “event” that was supposed to be attended in formal attire and assigned seating. Disney wanted to film specific segments in 3D and spray perfume into the audiences at certain times during the film. Neither of these things ever happened, but it shows the direction the creators were trying to go with the movie. The music and animation in Fantasia marked milestones in both crafts and are still highly praised.

The creation and presentation of the movie seems to be all about trying new things. The creators combined live theatre with movies and in that way made it so famous. It was supposed to be something that was appreciated in a way movies and had never been before. It seems like it was originally supposed to be like a night at a formal theatrical event rather than a casual night at the movies.


4 responses to “fantasia

  1. I find it interesting that a movie cartoon was an important black tie affair at the time. Also, it’s intriguing to hear that Disney wanted to spray perfume into the crowd during certain moments, to make you feel as if you were there with them. Overall I think the music and animation are highly praised because they sync well with each other.

  2. This reminds me of old school trips to orchestra concerts that my lower school did. The ones that we went to tended to be stories being told along with the classic music. Since those concerts I always felt that the tones of the classic music always works well for adding to a story, just as it does with Fantasia

  3. I think that was really the intention. According to some reviews, it appears that the idea behind Fantasia was to take popular classical music of the time and “visualize” it with animated characters and nature.

  4. I like you point about how the producers were praised for the combination of the music and animation. Some of the scenes we watched today almost reminded me of music videos where the dances are timed with to the music.

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