Considered a “Walt Disney Classic”, Fantasia was a movie with just Classical music by Leopold Stokowski and the Orchestra of Philadelphia. At first, Walt Disney had created a stereo system called “Fantasound” and when the movie was first released it was only released to 14 theaters. Disney had claimed that the stereo sound “enhanced the effect of the movie.” In 1941, Walt Disney Technicians William Garity and John N.A. Hawkins won “special certificates” at the Academy Awards for creating a “new form of visualized music”.

Fantasia was one of the first movies ever to have no dialogue with just Classical background music. Fantasia ended up being released 5 times after the 1941 release with new versions of never before scenes. These releases however were by movie company RKO instead of Disney. Although back then Disney’s “Fantasia” came out with little income, it is still considered a classic and one of the most popular Disney movies.


6 responses to “Fantasia

  1. Personally Luke I think that Fantasia has become more popular overtime just because full length Disney cartoon movies have been more popular over time as well. Not only that, other movies that started to make Disney popular paved the way for movies that weren’t as successful in the beginning such as Fantasia or even Snow White.

  2. I’m not sure if this is right, by my guess is that it became more popular over time because more and more people began to recognize it as a real work of art that was worth seeing. I’m just guessing that people didn’t see it because it was so different from anything ever before made. Maybe I’m wrong because many people had heard of Disney, but it’s just a guess.

  3. I like your point about how Fantasia was not popular when it was first released but has now become one of the most popular disney films. Why do you think it has become more popular over time?

    • I definitely think it’s important that we have better technology now than there was then. It makes the visual much more alive and colorful, and the sounds much easier to listen to.

    • I think over time society became a little more accepting due to the change in situations. Back when the film was released we were still in a bit of a war lag, we still felt the effects of war. And if truth be told, the movie’s lack of dialog caused the watchers to be able to think more about themselves than the normal movie, which distracted them from their lives. By the time the film was rereleased the situation had changed to a lighter one. Also by this time the people probably started to appreciate how different this film was and how original it was.

      • I think your comment is really cool and true jake, people definitely do start to become introspective when they do not have what they should think dictated to them through dialogue. Fantasia is a very meditative movie, and as you said, the public psyche of the 1940’s just wasn’t ready for self-analysis.

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