A quick confusion: Do we analyze the source (the web site) or the stuff we found?
Whichever the actual assignment is I’m going to do both.

So an interesting fact that I found out about was when the animators were drawing the characters and thinking up designs for them, they decided to base the sorcerer in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” after Disney himself. Not only did I find this rather funny but I saw a deeper something in it. It seems that as humans we love to play tricks and place characters from our own lives into stories and film. Maybe it is our need to connect even further to a project or we just love to place little secrets for your coworker, co-writers, and whomever is smart enough to catch it. Well, whichever one you think it is there is evidence to support.

There were also some more facts that were interesting, for instance Disney at first gave the animators free choice of the colors. These little facts and disputes in the production of this masterpiece of animation really give a taste as to the labor that the piece went through. To me it’s nice to know where things come from.

All of these facts came from IMDB, which so far I have found to be reliable.


6 responses to “Fantasia

  1. That’s really interesting that Mickey Mouse, the symbol so representative of Disney Industries, was used in a scene with with the sorcerer who is representative of Walt Disney himself. I wonder if there is any meaning in this, that Disney as a company is expanding radically beyond the ideas of Walt, but he still feels the need to play the role of an influential leader that can clean up the mess and clean, ultimately not being ready to pass along his brainchild.

  2. Wow. I did not expect Disney to give animators free choice of colors. Wouldn’t this allow the animators to express individual biases (especially racial)? This could have been one reason as to why the film was such a critical failure. Although this assumption has no solid foundation with the facts we currently know, I am just saying that it has a slight possibility. Perhaps Disney wanted to be creative, allowing diverse and eclectic opinions on the combinations of colors to flow into the work process. Either way, freedom in color choice (represented in the colors of the flowers, plants, fairies, and sky) was a first in the animation industry, a conspicuous effort to break away from the norm of other animations.

  3. One of the reasons the film might have been so successful was that every person working on the project was able to input something of their own into it. If the animators were able to choose the colors, they could pool their ideas in order to make the colors and scene perfect. That was probably just one of the many reasons it was so successful.

  4. I also read the bit about free color choice for the animators yesterday when I was doing the assignment. I thought that was extremely interesting because it showed an aspect of how Disney didn’t what to put much limits on this film, which resulted in a lot of boundaries to be crossed. It challenged the taste of the audience. This was a big risk because the film faced a conservative audience who didn’t appreciate the radicalness of it, but it eventually succeeded in becoming a classic.

  5. It’s really interesting what you found about the colors, because I noticed today in the film that the colors were very specific. For example, in the “flower dance” there was all the colored flowers surrounding the one white flower. Or in the early Earth segment, mostly the colors shown were reds, oranges, and yellows. I think the colors were important though, because like in the flower segment, the one white flower in the center is much more noticeable since it isn’t as bright as the others. Or the early Earth definitely had a primitive feel about it because of the colors chosen.

    • So since they had freedom with the colors do you think they intended for the colors to be interpreted racially? Because in some clips you could see the differences in colors and the colors seemed to stand for a certain type of character. I think the colors were crucial in the plot of the movie since it emphasized certain aspects of the animals and earth and used dark and light to differentiate.

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