Fantasia is a whimsical, animated movie created out of the idea that cartoon characters’ actions could to set to popular classical music. This film, at least according to Ebert, took animation from “rinky-tink” into an art form that could “hold its own” against other motion pictures of the time. Fantasia was also the first movie to use sterophonic sound, or “Fantasound”. The ancestor of surround sound, it used three speakers, one behind the screen and one to either side.

What was interesting about Ebert’s analysis of this movie was that he focused on the difficulty in making such an “effortless” looking production. Artists combined many, many techniques in creating the magical viewing experience of Fantasia. This film was even remade so that later generations could experience its majesty- the viewing experience is almost the same as in the original. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Fantasia yet; that problem will hopefully be remedied soon.


5 responses to “Fantasia

  1. The fact that the film was made to come off as “effort-less”(and succeeded) shows just how talented the animators were, because the effort into making this movie must have been insane. The quality of the animation is breath-taking, and still impresses me, someone from a generation used to computer-generated animations.

  2. I think the “effortless”-ness was what really made the film popular once the public got over the strangeness of it. I could tell that the animation and music was paired together very carefully. Because there is not dialogue, people might think the sound is only a secondary component, and that, when watching Fantasia just for fun, we would focus more on the animation than the sound. But only when the sound has been taken away will people realize how important the soundtrack is.

  3. I definitely think this review is accurate because Fantasia took animation to the next level. Disney made it all look effortless as he was able to match the character movements with the music so precisely. It was a true animation success as we saw today.

  4. It is sad sometimes about how people don’t know or appreciate the work that goes into a production. That seems to always happen, which is sad. And I am repetitive.

  5. The producers of Fantasia the movie in 1940 were attempting something that had never been done before. They were trying to make an animated film that was more that just a regular film experience. They wanted it to be a production. While some songs were recorded, an entire orchestra would accompany the show and play during specific parts of the show. One of those parts was the intermission. The movie had an intermission! Imagine a movie today having an intermission. That would be unheard of. Having an intermission just shows that the producers of Fantasia were striving to make the movie a first class production and a first class experience. People would come to the show dressed up in fancy clothing. It really was a presentation never before seen.

    When I was younger I did see the movie Fantasia (the newest one). All I remember from it was that I was really bored and spent the whole time waiting for the characters to talk. I didn’t like it because it was so different from the other movies I had seen. Rather than having a specific plot, its focus was the music which I wasn’t interested in.

    I used wikipedia: I couldn’t figure out how to make my own blog post, so I responded to this one instead.

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