A week or so ago I came across an article on the BBC website. The focus of the article was on the North American Black Bear and Professor Lynn Rogers. Professor Rogers specializes in the Black Bear and has been trying over the years to disprove the common beliefs of Black Bears being extremely dangerous creatures and study the bears. He has accomplished what seemed to be impossible by befriending a female Black Bear and has since been allowed to follower her and get as close as you can to these bears. Professor Rogers has been able to defy all of the rules people have made about when to interact with a bear. Most remarkably he has been able to get the trust of a female with cubs. Females with cubs have been known to be dangerous and scientist have always been warned against getting near them. But the professor has worked out a method to gain the bear’s trust.

This article got me thinking about bears. Bears seem to be one of the animals that we are most confused on classifying. If you were to ask if bears are dangerous or gentle the answers would be extremely varied. Bears have been depicted as both over the years. In the films like those made by Disney they are mostly kind creatures, with a few exceptions. But as soon as you go to Discovery or Animal Plant the depiction changes to a vicious predator. All in all it is not clear what these bears are.


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