Lake Powell

In my opinion, Lake Powell is the best place in the world.  It holds so many amazing outdoor opportunities for anyone, no matter what their interest is.  Some of the numerous opportunities include water sports, fishing, exploring, hiking, and cliff jumping (even though it is illegal).  The lake is so big that it is never crowded, so its prime space for wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, wake surfing, air chairing and anything else you can think of.  The exploring and hiking is amazing because there are tiny little canyons and huge cliffs everywhere.  Last year my friends and I where on wave runners and happened upon a little canyon.  We weren’t sure how deep it would go, but we wanted to find out, so we ditched the wave runners and started to maneuver up.  We ended up climbing rocks, squeezing through tight spaces, and pushing ourselves through with our bodies parallel to the ground by holding ourselves up with our feet on one side, and our hands or backs on the other!  Also, because the borders of the lake are often cliffs, the cliff jumping is really fun.  Anything over 40 feet is really dangerous, so that’s all we do, but jumping off and watching my friend to back flips and gainers off the cliff is a fun experience.

The unique feature of this lake is that it is in the middle of the desert on the Arizona/Utah desert.  It only exists because of the Glen Canyon dam.  It holds 24,000,000 acre*ft of water and supplies a major amount of water to the southwestern United States including Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  Lake Powell is unusual because it is so unnatural, yet it seems so natural.  Think about it, it’s a massive lake in the middle of the desert!  It has more coastline than the western US, not including Alaska!  It still is not very crowded because not many people really know about it besides Utahans and Arizonans, and is thus pretty open to anyone.  A couple other cool features of the lake are “Hole in the rock” and “Rainbow Bridge.”  Hole in the rock is a crevice/cliff where a group of 250 Mormon pioneers climbed through with covered wagons and lots of supplies (of course there wasn’t any water when they climbed it).  Rainbow Bridge is the world’s largest natural bridge and a holy site for the Navajo tribe.





Lake Powell 09 118-1My friend doing a gainer

2 responses to “Lake Powell

  1. The picture on the right is hole in the rock, and the top picture on the left is rainbow bridge.
    I promise I won’t write about this again, I’m just kind of in love with this place, so I had to do it.

    • I’ve been there too matt! It’s so cool! This summer I was on a house boating trip in lake Powell and one day I was out on the lake and we went on a hike at rainbow ridge, but I forgot shoes and my feet got so hot that they blistered haha. But other than that the trip was so much fun. I loved all the rocks and the scenery. We would park our boat in a new place every night and go rock climbing and cliff jumping. It was such a fun trip because you we were always out in nature and away from society that it was so nice and relaxing.

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