Giant crack in Africa formed in just days

It easy to forget with the way the Earth is now that everything is formed slowly over time. The oceans and land masses haven’t always been there, and although we’ve learned about how masses separated over time, I tend to forget it’s actually still happening. NewScientist helped remind me of this because of a giant crack in Africa that was formed over a few days. Scientists believe this could be a beginning of a new ocean, and is forming as the continents continue to drift away from each other.

It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that the entire Earth is constantly changing, and that Africa may be moving farther and farther away from Asia–at a fast enough rate that we can actually detect a change. But what’s interesting is that these pieces of changes we see over a few days in Africa, or over a few years in Iceland, are just the beginning to the formation of a new ocean. None of us will be around when the new ocean will reach the cost of Ethiopia and finally fill up with salt-water in about 4 million years, but it’s pretty neat to be the first to know how much the Earth will change.


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