Tests vs. Experiences

In Jay’s class we talked about tests and experiences in nature. I thought that the definitions we came up with in class were pretty accurate for what each term means. Everything you do in nature is an experience. Life is an experience so as long as you are living and enjoying yourself in nature you will always be experiencing nature. The test comes when you are pushed out of your comfort level. There are both physical and natural tests that can occur, so when you are pushing yourself to do something that you normally wouldn’t it can be a physical test because you are testing your body and its limits. A natural test comes unexpectedly when nature tests your ability to survive. In either situation you are tested and you fail if you don’t pass the test and then die.

This is an experience in nature because this man is going on a hike because he wants to be in nature and go on this hike and he may be physically pushing his limits but there is no natural test here so he is just living in nature and experiencing life.

Hurricane Katrina is an example of a test in nature. It is a natural test because no one in the area was expecting this catastrophic event to happen and no one was prepared. So nature was truly testing everyone’s ability to stay alive. Many people did not pass the test, but this is one of nature’s cruel ways of testing for survival of the fittest. Since the world is overpopulated, this is a way to cut back on the population and for nature to test everyone and see who is really fit to survive and who should be selected for to reproduce and pass on their genes.

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