Homework for Friday

Write (or list) a short response on George of the Jungle. Knowing that it’s unrealistic, try to pick out the important themes and points that may hold true.

Would George actually be able to survive in the jungle living the way he has? If not, what would he have to change?

What were important things for George to have in order to survive in the Jungle?

What were important things for Ursula to have in order to survive in the Jungle? What about Lyle?


3 responses to “Homework for Friday

  1. I think George of the Jungle suggests a couple of interesting points for surviving in nature. First, George is depicted as naive and pure (or at least from what I saw in the clips). He can obviously knows good from bad, but doesn’t have the more complex human qualities such as greed and hatred. The way he thinks and lives is very simple, which fits in with nature perfectly because life in nature is much simpler than in civilization.

    Ursula can successfully live in the Jungle because she seems to want only happiness, as opposed to Lyle, who is after money and status. This shows that in order to live in nature, a person must be toned down to a very simple state of mind, almost child-like. This might suggest that if a child was to grow up in nature, uncorrupted by the negative qualities of society, s/he should be able to live fine in nature. However, that is still unrealistic because other factors such as obtaining food and escaping predators can be threats to survival.

  2. I believe that George would be able to successfully live in the jungle just the way he is. Unlike other human beings, he is far stronger, has friendly relations with all animals in the jungle, and has shelter and a source of food. These are the abilities that normal human beings would need in order to live successfully at long periods of time in the jungle. Of course such human abilities are absurd in reality, but these superhuman powers give George the potential to survive in nature. Besides, he is the “king” of the jungle.

    In order for Ursula to survive in the jungle for a long period of time, she would need the abilities I listed above. Although she doesn’t have those things, she can rely on George to help her survive.

    Lyle, on the other hand, does not have George to help him out. Therefore, he needs to travel in a large group of people and use human technology (such as tents). Even with the assistance of these items and people, he cannot survive for a long time because he and his jungle mates will eventually run out of resources. He could go and collect food from the jungle, but that would require him to have connections with nature, so he could get aid.

  3. – I don’t think it is possible to ever live successfully in the jungle

    – Nature is a higher power/force than humans so it will overpower us

    – there are so many natural obstacles that humans are not fit enough to overcome or survive

    – if humans were to attempt to survive in the jungle, humans would need companionship, a reliable food source, and depending on the person they will need certain personal objects

    – some people are more prepared/fit to go and live in the jungle than others

    – humans need reliability and a predictable life, humans don’t do well when there are surprises thrown at them

    – humans need pastoral nature, but sometimes there is sublime nature that will destroy humans

    – for someone to live successfully in the jungle, they need to be passive and not try to power over nature because they will never win

    – they have to be one with nature (like George in George of the Jungle)

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