“Feral” Children

I was thinking about The Jungle Book, and about our discussion during Friday’s class about growing up in the wild, away from all human contact.

I found this website, it has over one hundred examples of children who either grew up with animals or without human contact. The website, FeralChildren.com, does question the authenticity of its stories. Even if the stories are all untrue, this website still displays society’s fascination with “wolf” children and other similar situations. Being raised by animals is a very romantic notion, but as the website explains, being raised by animals wouldn’t actually be that much fun. Children who have allegedly been raised by animals unilaterally have mental and health problems. They (obviously) couldn’t speak when found.

So while The Jungle Book is clearly a fun, lighthearted, animated film, its interesting to see the real children who may share Mowgli’s character.


One response to ““Feral” Children

  1. I thought this was really interesting, and I found this documentary of feral children on YouTube:

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