How long can humans rule?

I found an interesting article about crocodiles and how they once used to rule the animal kingdom. Millions of years ago crocodiles existed along with the dinosaurs and ruled the land. They were so threatening to dinosaurs that dinosaurs feared them and had to limit their areas of living so that they could avoid the crurotarsans. For a long period of time these animals were on top of the world–but then they fell. And now the population of crocodiles is slimming down and they are becoming less of a threat in the animal kingdom.

This article really made me think about what is next in line for nature. Us humans believe that we are the rulers of the Earth, but it cannot remain that way forever. I am a little scared to think what will happen next for us. Everyone hypothesizes about the world ending and there are many different theories about how that might happen, but humans will be the only ones able not to survive. The animal world has a better chance of surviving, which maybe hints at how our time as rulers will come to an end. Or will it be a slow dethrone? And one by one humans will be picked off the Earth because maybe a new prominent animal will arise and take place by destroying all the humans.

Everything can not last forever, so what is in store for us humans in the future? We see futuristic TV shows where everyone is robotic and drives around on flying cars, but very few have explored the idea that in some years coming up the human race might not be so powerful anymore. We are using our resources without thinking and depleting our natural sources, so we may be killing ourselves. But many believe that the world will not end during their lifetime, so they don’t bother to take care of the Earth and they abuse it with all human power. I have a feeling that our human habits are going to get us into trouble in the future and will be the downfall of our power.


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