where the wild things are

I don’t know how many of you have read the book Where the Wild Things Are, so if you haven’t I highly suggest it. It was one of my all time favorite children’s book. I have yet to see the movie, but based on good reviews I have heard that it is a fantastic movie and a great representation of the book. The story is about a young boy named Max who feels left out at home so escapes to where the Wild Things are. The Wild Things are looking for a leader and Max is looking for a place to rule so it seems like the perfect fit. However, there are complications that come along in this kingdom that Max and the Wild Things must face.

This book/movie deals with a lot themes we’ve discussed in class. First of all, Max runs away from society into nature–or where the Wild Things are. He feels misunderstood in society and by his family and friends so he wants to escape to a place where he can be in control of his own life and feel confident. So he creates the idea of the Wild Things and when he goes to their kingdom he tells them that he is a king from where he is from so that they don’t eat him. They excitedly crown him king, which gives Max the sense of power and control he was missing from his home life. We have discussed this idea that humans need to escape into the wild because they are running away from society and they are running to a place where they can rule and feel control.

This movie also relates to the “Jungle Book” because Max is similar to Mowgli and how he is raised in the wild. Yet both characters are lured back into human society. In the “Jungle Book” Mowgli has never met any humans, so when he sees a girl he is attracted to her and she pulls him back to reality and society. In “Where the Wild Things Are” he comes back to society because he realizes he cannot stay in nature forever and that nature had begun to get complicated so he knew it was time for him to return to society where he was to be welcomed. So both boys are welcomed back into society after growing up in nature. So I encourage everyone to either read the book or go see the movie. Maybe class movie night?


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