Light and Darkness

I just read Jake’s post about humans fearing the dark and the unknown. I agree to this argument only to a certain extent, but I don’t believe that we are spoiled by light. I think light and darkness are complements to each other. For example, lets relate to an event that will happen in the next 2 or so days. The Leonid Meteor Shower of 2009 will peak on November 17th at around 1:00 AM. So many people around (half) the world are waiting to see this natural phenomenon occur. Yet, in order to see it, we have to embrace the darkness. As we look up to the mostly empty sky, filled with tiny specks of light here and there, we await that wishful slither of light. I recount some of my past summers when I went on night hikes during meteor shower days. We were not allowed to bring flashlights or any sources of light. The reason is light ruins our night vision, inhibiting us from seeing the meteor in the sky. But once that meteor crosses the sky, the entire crowd is captured in awe, exclaiming with a respectful “Ohhh!”

My point is that we need both darkness and light. Neither spoils us because both are essential for each other. I cannot help but bring back the Yin and Yang example again. Both light and dark, good and evil, balance each other out and create harmony. We need the darkness of the night sky in order to see that anticipated meteor. We must embrace to darkness to appreciate the light.

P.S. Everyone should come watch the Leonid Meteor Shower at school at 9:00 PM on Tuesday.


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