“Feral Children”

There are many stories like this, but just to elaborate I’ll mention one more, Victoria Barr. Barr was found in an abandoned house in Dallas, TX, infested with rats. At the age of 9, Barr would not speak but only make small squeaks, these squeaks only sounding like the ones of a rat. Ten years later Barr is living happily, although she can’t speak.These examples of feral children show the effect of living just with an animal for a certain period of time. This almost happened to Timothy Treadwell in a sense, believing he was a bear so he would act like a bear and share the same mannerisms. Humans are abused in this way by nature, even though we do not know any better. It is human thought that allows people to experience the outcome of literally acting like an animal, on account that a daughter will act like a dog, only if the father has treated her as a house pet for a long period of time. Many people in the documentary Grizzly Man claimed that Treadwell would try to reenact bear mannerisms, such as when Treadwell would become excited, he would imitate a grizzly bear


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