George of the Jungle Response

Recently in class Vani reintroduced us to the well known Disney movie
“George of the Jungle”. Aside from the tremendous amount of slapstick
humor, George of the Jungle consists of the common theme of characters
escaping to a place to deal with the reality of their lives. In George
of the Jungle, Ursula leaves her fiancee and goes on a vacation
through the jungle looking for an adventurous time. Back at home,
Ursula is skeptical about marriage and wants to escape from her every
day life. This is where her friendship with George begins, as he saves
her from being attacked by a lion. From then on Ursula is introduced
to the life that George lives, and is immediately attracted to this
way of living. Ursula was drawn to the forest because it was an escape
from the reality of her life back in San Francisco.
Another Disney movie we can relate this to would be the Lion King.
When Simba is introduced to the life that Timon and Pumba live, he
lives by “Hakunamatata”. Although, later on when Nala finds Simba, she
reminds him that he has run away from his past and the reality that
Scar had ruined Pride Rock.
Lastly, there can be a connection made between these two movies and
the documentary “Grizzly Man”. Timothy Treadwell was introduced in the
movie as a troubled man without a true identity. Because of this,
Treadwell turned to drugs and alcohol to ease his pain. When Treadwell
started going to Alaska for his summer trip with the grizzly bears, he
was able to use this as an escape for his past and the problems that
he was going through. The only reason this was a good medication for
his issues was because he was completely isolated from the world,
leaving him with just bears and without any cares of what was going on
at home. Treadwell occupied himself when he was home by traveling
around the U.S. to teach young children about his adventures.
Disney movie or not, nature is used as an escape from a troubled one’s
life and the fact that they do not like to face the reality in which
they are living in.


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