“Animal-Human Hybrids Spark Controversy”

I want to go back to that article that Deborah brought into class about hybrids and how scientists are trying to create their own. The scientists are creating chimeras with human and animal cells. Is this ethical? Do we really want mice with human brains? I have a feeling this is just the beginning to what might escalade into a breeding of new types of animals. I don’t think scientists should be able to make these new species — it is unethical. The use of animal organs to help a dying human can be accepted because it is not changing how the human acts. But once these chimeras are creating a new line of species I believe a line must be drawn. It is unethical to create these new species and it is not natural.

By creating chimeras using humans parts, we are using our human knowledge to assert our dominance. We are slowing destroying the natural world if we create new animals unnaturally. And what would we do with the animals? Where would they live? Are they our new pets? This is unsafe because we don’t know how these animals will react in society and we could be creating potentially harmful species. Scientists are messing with the natural process of life, and I think it is unethical to create species that go against nature.

I personally don’t see the benefit of creating these species that are potentially harmful to the environment. I will admit that it is cool what science has come too and to create a half human/half mouse is an interesting idea, but they serve no purpose other than another outlet for humans to assert their dominance and show how much more intelligent we are than other species. Are we just so stuck up that we now think that other animals would be better off if they had for instance a human brain? And if we as humans are supposedly the best, why would we want to be mixed with animals? I am worried for the next stage of this experiment and what the next species they create will be.


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