The Dog and the Bear

I was thinking about our class yesterday, and about our discussion the bears in Yosemite and why we won’t let them become domesticated. I was researching the domestication of the dog, and it really appears as though bears are moving down the same path.

The dog was domesticated slowly, as it scavenged human settlements for food scraps. The dog’s ancestors “learned” that human settlements were the place to go for nourishment. As a result, thousands of years down the line, we have Spot and Rover. Similarly, the black bears in Yosemite are scavenging food as well. This time, they’ve learned that minivans are the place to go for food. Maybe in a few hundred years we’ll have Grizz and Teddy on a leash as well.
Of course, I’m curious to see peoples’ reactions to this, as its a pretty shocking concept to think that we might soon have pet bears. I’m sure our ancestors never thought they’d keep the wolf/dogs that scavenged their settlements.


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