Erasing the Effects of Nature

From implants to face-lifts to liposuction, millions to people go under the knife to change the way they look. As like this article from the SF Chronicle said, “gossip on awards-show night” went from ” ‘did you see Meg Ryan’s hair?’ ” to ” ‘did you see Meg Ryan’s face?’ ” So many celebrities are choosing plastic surgery as their means of maintaining that youthful look that people find more attractive, and technology is advancing that surgery is looking more natural. But no matter how much better the technology gets, plastic surgery will never be natural.

So where should we draw the line? If it’s possible for technology to make 50-year-olds to look like they’re in their 20’s, should we still allow it? I personally think that it’s up to each individual to choose what they want to do to themselves, but soon it will influence more and more people to follow in their footsteps. Celebrities are the first to try new technology, but “are they rubbing off on the rest of us?” Over time, as more people accept and experiment with plastic surgery, and as permanent alternations to one’s body becomes a part of the normal cosmetic procedure, we might end up living in a very artificial world.

Although that seems unlikely, there is definitely potential for something like that to develop. It reminds me of the book, Uglies, where everyone on their 16th birthday gets a surgical make-over to make them beautiful. It brings many positives, like erasing insecurities about one’s looks and making everyone equal on the outside, it completely goes against what is natural. I don’t think going under the knife is necessarily good or bad. Instead it’s a choice between going with nature and conquering nature.


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