In this article I found from National Geographic, it talks about early humans and how we had a much different lifestyle then. Some evidence supports the theory that humans were peaceful before they evolved and were not savage killers. Humans want to believe that we have always had that natural warlike quality, but instead before humans had a significant brain, we were peaceful and we helped others rather than killed them. These qualities made early humans prey not predator. Humans believe that we are on the top of the food chain and are the most fierce predators and that we can conquer anything. You can imagine everyone’s shock when they found out humans used to be prey for a long time.

It seems that as prey humans developed any helpful qualities. One main quality is that humans learned how to protect their young, which created the father role of watching out for their family that is still present in modern day society. But were we better off as prey or as predators? Whether we like it or not we have evolved with a brain that has advanced us in society and made us too complex to be prey.

As early humans we were known for our cooperation and that is what helped us survive and get to where we are today. But it seems that now human have forgotten about what qualities have generated success in the past and now it is all about competition. I fear that humans have strayed too far away from the natural path. We are the only species that lives the lifestyle we do, so is it necessary? We survived just fine as prey, do we really need to be predators? What benefits have we gotten from it? And I am not trying to bash human society because I think all of our advancements are really cool, but do we need it?


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