I am really interested in our class discussion from Monday about predator and prey ideals. I found two animals that relate to those categories. The first animal is the hammerhead shark. For years scientists were baffled by their odd shaped head and what benefits it had towards the species. Only recently did scientists link hammerhead shark’s unique head shape to humans vision. This shape gives them great stereo vision and depth perception like humans. This vision definitely helps when hunting for prey like the squid. They have good all around vision which can give them a larger panoramic view than most sharks. This was one of the qualities that was discussed in class that predators need to have good vision so that they can better attack their prey. This is also a good quality for prey, but a predator is allowed to have this large awkward shape whereas a prey would be better off with a smaller body.
Hammerhead Shark

The other animal is the Great Egret. This may look like a sweet peaceful bird; however, it just lures in its prey and patiently sits and waits for the prey to come close enough so it can easily devour the prey. The “deathblow” consists of the bird snapping its sharp beak and the prey being swallowed whole. It is a viscous killer. This bird has many beneficial qualities to a predator. For one, the bird is very patient and knows how to approach the attack. The walk slowly in the water until they see the perfect opportunity and then the bird strikes in one clean swoop. The predator also has a peaceful and calm appearance which does not immediately scare off prey because this bird can be mistaken. Its method of attack is flawless and a definite benefit for the bird. Because of its sharp long beak it is able to eat its prey in one bite.
Great Egret

These predators have ideal characteristics for their environment and the prey they are hunting.


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