Water on the moon

Since Jake told us to think about what the world will be like in 100 million years tonight I started thinking about space and the cosmos. Outer space has always intrigued me. There is something appealing about the vastness of the unknown. Anyway I checked the New York Times Science section to see if there were any recent relevant articles. I found this. It may not be news to any of you but it was news to me.

The article highlights scientists recent findings of water on the moon. Scientists and SciFientists have both long assumed, and perhaps hoped, that there are other forms of life in the universe and this finding bring new excitement to the possibility of extra terrestrial life. The moon now becomes the second planet scientists have found proof of water on. The findings not only suggest the possibility of ET life but also beacon the question of whether humans can survive on these planets. 

In class today genetic modifying and cloning were brought up.  Imagine if humans were able to play the role of god and plant simple cell organisms on the moon, or another planet with water, and watch them evolve. It would be like Spore but in real life! Sure this would take millions of years but do you think it’s a possibility? And do you think it would be something humans would consider doing? Feel free to comment.


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