Get out the SPF100 because the Sun is Growing

Following up on Jake’s class from the other day about what earth would be like in 100 million years, I found an article that talks about the future of the sun and earth. In about 7.6 billion years the sun “will reach its maximum size as a red giant” and possibly engulf the Earth. Its brightness is constantly increasing and scientists fear that the earth’s brightness is increasing too quickly that the temperature of the atmosphere will change to be an unlivable place for all animals and the population will die out soon. It is also predicted that in about a billion years the sun with be so bright and radiate so much light that it will boil away the ocean and remove all value from natural resources. As the sun continues to grow in size and brightness, the world will soon be destroyed and engulfed by the sun. The sun will also change the balance of the solar system and the orbits, so it will possibly move planets into new orbits.
This goes along with some of the predictions we mentioned in class for the earth in 100 million years. We all agreed that there would be no human life left because the earth would become a place that is inhospitable for humans and there would only be a few animal species surviving. I thought that the earth would be very arid and hot, which relates to the sun heating up and boiling away earth’s atmosphere and destroying its land. So what will happen to the Earth in these up and coming years? Can we avoid total destruction? Or will be slowly melted away by the growing sun until we are finally swallowed whole?


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