MonsterQuest is a tv show that sets out to find monsters that people believe they have seen.  Most of the them clearly don’t exist, but it is interesting to see people scientifically and meticulously approach something so strange.  Some of their episodes are titled  Sasquatch Attack, Birdzilla, Bigfoot, Mega Hog, Giant Squid Found, Chupacabra, Super Rats, Monster Spiders, and the Last Dinosaur.  

I believe this show is interesting because it reaches into the unknown.  It tells us that what we can’t even imagine existing might actually exist.  We as humans are interested in the unknown because we value knowledge and the advantage that it gives us.  Whether we realize it or not, education and learning is fun and exciting and a lot of our life is spent gaining it.  

Combine our thirst for knowledge and understanding with something cool and mysterious, and you have the makings for a good tv show.  MonsterQuest entertains us because it supports the idea that monsters do exist, and it shows us how little we actually know about ourselves and our world.  It lets us fall back into the world of imagination and fantasy by showing us that our world really isn’t as predictable as we think it is.


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