Why we can’t predict the future

The video that Jake brought in was quite interesting and a bit hysterical.  How people think they can determine what the world will be like in 100 million years absolutely baffles me.  Honestly, it is clear that they came up with something that would be interesting to the viewer and would make money.  They know that it is impossible to predict that far into the future, but because people are interested in things like this, they saw it as a money making opportunity.

The reason why we can’t predict far into the future is simple.  Because there are so many examples of unknowns in the world today, it is inconceivable to try to predict the state of the world in 100 million years.  New species are found everyday.  I found one example on the front cover of National Geographic’s website.  It’s about a new species of worm that eats whales.  Also on the front cover was an article about the newly discovered world’s smallest orchid.  These are just two examples of species that were discovered recently.  Imagine how many species there are that are still undiscovered.

We simply can’t predict the future of our world if we don’t even know all the species that could be part of that future world.  Who knows, maybe whale eating worms will be the king of beasts in 100 million years, or something that has yet to be discovered.  The bottom line is that we can’t know what animals will dominate in the future if we’re not even sure what animals exist and dominate today.

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