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Fantasia, by the definition of Dictionary.com, means a potpourri of music with florid embellishments, or something that is considered unreal, weird, exotic, or grotesque. I find these definitions, especially the second one, very interesting because it fits ironically with a fact that I found. Apparently when first released, it was a dismal box office failure. However, in later years, Fantasia developed into an American movie classic.

I thought this was ironic because although this film is deemed “weird” and “exotic” by viewers and even its own title, it later gained the approval of the public. This just comes to show that things unfamiliar to us will always be rejected at first, either because we’re uncomfortable with it or we’re afraid of it. Because I haven’t seen the film in many years, I can’t recount what exactly was shown and how they were show. However, from the success of it, I’m certain the audience found some kind of truth in the seemingly chaotic medley.